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Gladwins Featured

James Gladwin from Kirton Lindsey, near Gainborough, appointed Harrison to build a 3,000-tonne grain store, incorporating a low-volume ventilation system and two grain drying floors. Comprising 1,080 square metres, the building was constructed with a galvanised finish to the steelwork and incorporated concrete grain storage panelling with stirrers to aid the drying of the grain. 

The scheme included a large concrete apron to the front of the building to assist with the movement of grain to and from the store. James Gladwin praised Harrison’s ability to work to tight deadlines and commented on the superior quality of the company’s work. Over the years Harrison have established excellent working relationships with a range of farms seeking to increase their production with new and upgraded facilities across their estates. We have a strong understanding of the particular demands of their sector, including the compression of build programmes to meet seasonal schedules.

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